Beginning Sunday Night on Valentine’s Day, February 14th our Fox Run Community, along with the entire state of Texas, began a challenging week that began with 5+ inches of snow, single digit temperatures, loss of power, then water, and challenge to survive harsh elements without our basic services.  We initially lost power to our community around 3:00 on Monday afternoon, which did not return until to approximately 24 hours later, causing us all to come up with various ways to stay warm in a single-digit cold environment. 

Once power came back on, we lost our water pressure shortly thereafter, which lasted almost 2 full days before service was restored, but with the caveat, that water should be boiled before use.  Most of us were not prepared for these outages and the basic needs that we would need to survive these conditions and outages.  In addition to broken pipes, appliances, and general health of our residents, as we began to get service restoration.

Fortunately, we heard of many neighbors stepping forward to check on people in the neighborhood, offering water and supplies, wood, and other necessities to get us all through this disaster.  Thanks to everyone that helped others during this extreme challenge. This is what the Fox Run Neighborhood is all about.

Emergency Preparedness is important survival planning.  In the future, we will look at the lessons-learned from this event, gather information regarding how people handled this situation, and develop recommendations, from these lessons to assist Fox Run residents in better preparation for this type of event and other situations requiring emergency action for survival.

We thank all those that stepped forward to help others and hope that all your situations have returned to normal.

Ken Weber, President, FRNA