Everybody, we are planning a bigger, better, and more spectacular National Night Out this year!

Everyone in Fox Run Neighborhood and friends are welcome and that includes kids! 

Hey, let's back up a minute.  So, what the heck is National Night Out?  It occurs once a year and is designed for people of a neighborhood to have a venue to get to know your neighbors.  It builds strong cohesive neighborhoods that look out for each other, like picking up your mail while you are on vacation, taking you to the emergency if you get a minor need,   watch out for an important package while you are gone to work or the store, help with the heavy groceries, turn off your sprinklers if you forgot and left them on and went to work, check up on you, and a myriad of other helpful things.  Things you might do for your neighbors if you knew them better.

Statistics show that neighborhoods that have such camaraderie tend to have less buglers, happier and less lonelier residents, and a warmer feeling of belonging.

There is no cost to you.

There will be hamburgers and hot dogs on the barbecue, salads, chips, refreshments, lots of really nice prizes donated by local restaurants and businesses, and especially some really nice people and games for the kids.  Music will be played by a DJ (and at a reasonable decibel).

So put on your calendar October 5th at 5:00 pm to 9:00 PM and save this date to come to the new Autism Center at the entrance of Fox Knoll and Nacogdoches.   Look for our sign and come on in!