SAN ANTONIO - We're working for you to get answers from San Antonio city leaders about what's being done to address a massive homeless encampment.

It's located near Comanche Lookout Park.

Neighbors there are frustrated more hasn't been done to clean the area up and help the homeless men and women who call it home.

 We took their concerns to city leaders.

"We see the homeless population, but we never know where they live," said neighbor Danielle Mendez.

You wouldn't know from a quick glance at the corner of Toepperwein and Nacogdoches about the massive homeless encampment hidden in the middle of a wood-chocked vacant lot.

"It's so hidden, I would have never known,” Mendez said. “It's a wooded forested area, you don't see them come and go out of there. We see them on the streets out here, but I just never knew where they lived."

Dozens of tents, full of clothes and hygiene products inside, are surrounded by an even wider variety of property outside; including bicycles, vehicles, even a family pet.

"Now we know a lot of where our stuff that's disappearing is going," Mendez said. “We've seen them porch pirating, picking up boxes."

The northeast side has long had concerns with homeless men and women aggressively panhandling and J-walking.

District 10 Councilman Clayton Perry has actively worked to address the issues and clear out encampments.

"We just move them around instead of giving them real help," Mendez said. “I know there are services like Department of Health & Human Services, there's the haven for hope, they sometimes go out and do projects like that."

Councilman Perry is aware and is working with DHS and SAPD.

The fact that the camp is located on private property creates unique challenges, but Perry says he has not been in direct contact with the property owner.

"It needs to get out there so people know, and people can help them not just keep moving them around," Mendez said.

Councilman Perry says it's essential for property owners to work with SAPD to help resolve these types of issues faster.