Fox Run Entry Signs and Work Day

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Work and Clean-up Day and completing the new Fox Run Entry Signs with improved lettering.  Our work team cleaned up the Kings Mountain and Fox Knoll entrances of “gutter grass” and other debris.

The signage project began 3 months ago to design new lettering, constructed of stainless steel, raised letting, and painted with premium outdoor paint for long-term durability in the Texas heat.  We attempted to match the lettering from the original sign, located at Fox Knoll, but added the Fox Tails to further enhance our naming by an image representative of “Fox Run”.  A simple cement-board backing with treated wood frame was constructed at Fox Knoll and the fading plastic overlay sign at Kings Mountain was removed.  With the help of the work team, these signs were painted with light gray background and dark gray trim.

Finally, in December, appropriate, inexpensive solar-powered lighting was added to illuminate these signs at night.  The majority of this project was complete by FRNA Volunteers, saving a lot of money in doing this much needed project for our neighborhood.  By-the-way, this entire signage project was done using Fox Run Neighborhood Association dues.  Again, these voluntary dues of $25.00 are needed for projects like these in our neighborhood and greatly appreciated from all residents (home owner and renters alike) in our Fox Run Neighborhood.

Ken Weber