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Fox Run News

Fox Run Entry Signs and Work Day

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Work and Clean-up Day and completing the new Fox Run Entry Signs with improved lettering.  Our work team cleaned up the Kings Mountain and Fox Knoll entrances of “gutter grass” and other debris.

The signage project began 3 months ago to design new lettering, constructed of stainless steel, raised letting, and painted with premium outdoor paint for long-term durability in the Texas heat.  We attempted to match the lettering from the original sign, located at Fox Knoll, but added the Fox Tails to further enhance our naming by an image representative of “Fox Run”.  A simple cement-board backing with treated wood frame was constructed at Fox Knoll and the fading plastic overlay sign at Kings Mountain was removed.  With the help of the work team, these signs were painted with light gray background and dark gray trim.

Finally, in December, appropriate, inexpensive solar-powered lighting was added to illuminate these signs at night.  The majority of this project was complete by FRNA Volunteers, saving a lot of money in doing this much needed project for our neighborhood.  By-the-way, this entire signage project was done using Fox Run Neighborhood Association dues.  Again, these voluntary dues of $25.00 are needed for projects like these in our neighborhood and greatly appreciated from all residents (home owner and renters alike) in our Fox Run Neighborhood.

Ken Weber

Sunday, 17 November 2019 05:56

Message from the President - November 2019

The annual Fox Run Community National Night Out (NNO) community event was well attended by almost 100 participants.  We thank the staff and residents of the Autism Treatment Center (ATC) for providing their facilities at Fox Knoll and Nacogdoches for a great night of food, fun, and community fellowship.  This neighborhood event is an important way of connecting with our Fox Run neighbors and sharing in the San Antonio community in celebrating National Night Out.  Thanks to all that participated in this event.


As you have probably noted, we now have a new entry sign at the Fox Knoll entrance and have upgraded the signage at the Kings Mountain entry.  These upgrades have been as a result of your annual dues at a total cost of approximately $4,000.  We will be adding solar LED lighting to these signs in the future.  During the community clean-up day, we worked on the completion of these signs and entry-way clean-up.  We were very disappointed on the attendance at this clean-up event, but wish to thank those dedicated residents that joined us in providing work efforts to this community effort.

Sunday, 01 September 2019 09:44

Message from the President - September 2019

Please join the Fox Run Community in celebrating the National Night Out (NNO) community event to be held the night of Tuesday, October 1st from 5:00-9:00 PM.  The NNO event held at the new Autism Treatment Center, located at Nacogdoches and Fox Knoll.  We will have free food, refreshments and fun activities at this event, with community leaders and SAPD available to share in this neighborhood event.  We ask everyone join us by coming the NNO event or by just coming out onto your front lawns to meet and greet the neighbors around you.  Please feel free to just get with neighbors ahead of time and plan to share a meal or other time together, as we join the greater San Antonio community in celebrating National Night Out. 

Friday, 17 May 2019 11:26

Successful Membership Drive

Did you know that 33% of our Fox Run neighbors are now part of the efforts to improve our already fabulous community?  Our current membership of 150 (out of 450) residences tops the previous membership number of 133.

We are especially grateful that 111 of our neighbors have supported your community year after year. We hope that they, along with our 39! new members, will continue to spirit the mission of making our community a safe and serene place for your family. 

It is never too late to support this effort with a small $25 annual contribution


From Our President...

On Friday May 10th, we held a special Community Meeting to address the continuing water flow problems along the Escalera Development and our Fox Creek-Fox Head-Willow Hill homes.  We had 12 homeowners and 4 District 10 representatives (including our District 10 Councilman Clayton Perry) attending to discuss these water flow problems, current damage situations, and resolution/corrective measures needs to stop the damage.  KSAT 12 was on the scene to document our problems and situation.  Results were televised on the Friday Night 10:00 news.  Bottom line, the city is working a planning document to resolve this water flow problem with resolution actions to be discussed between the developer, M/I Homes and the city.   We encourage anyone affected by water damage due to contact developer (information provided later in the Newsletter). 

Also mark your calendars for the Grand Opening of the Autism Treatment Center at 15911 Nacogdoches Road, building 2 on Wednesday, May 29th, 2019 to be held at 10:00 AM.  All Fox Run neighbors are invited to this special opening and are asked to RSVP to Cynthia Hamilton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (210) 538-0905.  I hope we will have a good Fox Run Community participation in this event.

Ken Weber, President, FRNA

Tuesday, 01 January 2019 11:17

New Year's 2019 from Your FRNA

From Our President...

A Happy New Year to all our Fox Run Neighbors!  We thank everyone for "lighting up" our neighborhood during the holidays and congratulate the winners of our Christmas decorations contest.

As you have noticed, final construction activity is going on at Nacogdoches and Fox Knoll.  Soon to be completed will be the Autism Treatment Center Life Activities Learning Center, a 20,000 Sq Ft facility that will be a weekday learning center for adult and children Autistic Patients.  We will get an update from the ATC Development Director at our next Community Meeting.  Speaking of which, our next FRNA Community Meeting will be held on Saturday February 16th,, 10:00 AM at the ATC Administrative Building, located next to the Pompeii Restaurant.  Please plan to attend to get caught up on Fox Run Community activities and discussion of issues in your community.  We will also have presentations from our San Antonio District 10 representative and one of our own residents, Alena Gallardo, who serves with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

One of our main projects for 2019 will be to restore the original Fox Run signage at Fox Knoll and Nacogdoches.  With volunteer help and the services of one our residents, Gary Short (to assist in reverse-engineering our original community sign and developing a materials list), we hope to get a Fox Run Volunteer Team together to help in the re-building of this sign.  More to discuss at our upcoming Community Meeting.

Finally - we would like to see all Fox Run Residents get involved with our community, starting with a voluntary Fox Run Neighborhood Association annual, tax deductible,  dues of only $25.00 and signing up for our community bulletin board on the Nextdoor website.  Packets with SASEs have been distributed to all households and we asked for you voluntary to support all our community efforts. We thank each of you for your support in making Fox Run a great neighborhood.

Ken Weber, President, FRNA

Sunday, 02 September 2018 16:55

From Our President...

I am happy to report that this past Monday (August 20th), we were visited by our District 10 Councilman Clayton Perry and Raul Ubides, the City of San Antonio Neighborhood Engagement Officer. We toured a number of our water runoff areas, as a result of the Escalera Development and reviewed a number of our traffic issues through Fox Run. Councilman Perry was very receptive and provided Fox Run will the way forward to “push” these issues through his office and the City of San Antonio. We will be canvassing streets and areas most affected by these issues and asking for signatures on petitions to support the overall plan. This plan will be presented at the upcoming September 15th Community Meeting.

Also mark your calendars for our Saturday, September 15th Community Meeting to be held at 10:00 AM at the Autism Treatment Center Offices next to their construction site on Nacogdoches. Please plan to attend, since there will be so many items of interest that we be discussed that may affect your community.

Tuesday, October 2nd, will be the night for National Night Out (please mark your calendars for this special event). We are making arrangements for the main event occurring at the My Viet Plaza on Nacogdoches, with festivities including a live band, “Volksmarch” like walk in various distances throughout Fox Run, food, and fun activities for adults and children.

Ken Weber, FRNA President

Tuesday, 17 April 2018 21:09


Due to changes in San Antonio policies, FRNA is not eligible to secure a group permit for our planned community yard sale event on May 5. SO...FRNA is offering all its members a $17 reimburse for anyone who secures their own permit for May 5. Any Fox Run resident who is not a member of FRNA, but secures their own permit for a May 5 yard sale, can elect to join FRNA for only $8. To take advantage of this offer, residents must submit their original permit, on May 6 (Sunday), to FRNA Treasurer, 16503 Martins Ferry.

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